Thanks to the remains that have been found, we have learned that in the Bronze Age (1500 BC-1000 BC), men occupied the Castillo del Rebollet and the upper part of the mountain of Rabat. In this period would develop with the most important Iberian site of the region (S. V. a.C.).

Then came the Roman conquest (3rd century BCE), the Augusta Peace (1st century AD) and a systematic colonization of the plan of the region, which was filled with towns and agricultural establishments.

In the present term of La Font d'en Carròs, there existed a city of quite importance, located in the heading of Les Jovades, and another around The Hermitage of Sant Miquel.

The importance of the town of Les Jovades, is determined by the amount of remains that have been appearing.

The centuries IV and V a.C., were a time of economic and political crisis with social disorders and a collapse of the commerce. This situation continued until the 8th century, when the Arabs ended the Visigothic kingdom. Once established, they imposed Islam as religion, the language of the Quran (Arabic), Allah and the application of agricultural techniques.